A New Look for Prism

Oct 20, 2020 / News

New brand, new site, same Prism.

Prism Esports has done quite a bit of tailoring and construction to its appearance over the past couple of months! We recently underwent a full rebranding and re-established our core fundamentals to who we are as a company. This undertaking will help ensure that in every interaction we have with our audience, that we're on-brand, valuable, and most of all, honest. With all of this comes a ton of new content, some to be seen early on, and some that ages with the brand.


Our new hashtag. Our dedication to inclusivity and diversity for all talents shines through. At it's core it's something we truly resonate with and we hope it does with you too. No longer are we using #PrismOnTop. From now on, you'll see #Prismatic, and we're excited about it.

"Prismatic: (of colors) formed, separated, or distributed by an optical prism or something acting as one.

In light of the current revolution happening across the globe, we wanted to make it clear where we stand. We also wish to help set a precedent for the esports community, as well as the world, to follow regarding inclusivity and diversity. But this is not just a moment, it’s a movement. Our beliefs have always revolved around respect and acceptance of all, and that is not changing; it is only growing.
No matter your skin color, gender, sexual orientation, or history, Prism can be your home to achieve a collective, unified goal: Family."


Our logo received some adjustments to create 3 different variants! We've simplified our mark and given each section its own space to stand out; The new logo set is effective with or without the icon, as our traditional lined text still remains a hallmark to our image. This allows us to be much more flexible with where we use our logo while still maintaining brand recognition.


With a new brand comes new items, and what is a brand without a new website? We've retooled and optimized our digital presence to help serve our audience better and with more updates to come. Here's a couple of our favorite features if you haven't check them out yet!


The 'Events' tab is split into 3 categories, 'Tournaments', 'Team Schedules', and 'Community'.

Tournaments: This section is dedicated to tournaments that we are hosting. Find out tournament overview, rules, teams, and sponsor information by clicking on a specific tournament post.

Team Schedules: View a list of upcoming or ongoing events that our rosters are competing within. These posts will have a brief overview and a link to the live-stream, if available.

Community: Our community based events will be posted here. If you're looking to partake in our game nights, movie nights, and more, you'll want to keep an eye on this page.


The 'Teams' tab is a massive expansion on our past site's 'Member' section, as it leads to an overview of our current teams. By clicking on a game-title/team, you can view the roster for that game/team. Taking it a step further, you can click on an individual member to view their profile. These profiles provide social media links, bios, instant stream access, and more!


Our application process has received a well deserved upgrade! Split into three sections, we have the 'Apply', 'Players', and 'Staff' sections.

Apply: This page acts as the directory overview. View both sets of openings for players and staff, along with options to be redirected to the benefits section for either.

Players: View current player opening, access our general application, and view our player perks.

Staff: Similar to the 'Players' page, you can view the current staff openings, perks, and values.


Utilizing our updated branding and logo, our jerseys will help our members and fanbase stand out in style. Our in-house creative team has a high standard for quality, so you should expect nothing less from our future releases.