LPL Amateur Champions!

Sep 22, 2020 / News

What Happened?

Within LPL Play's league, our incredible Rainbow Six Siege (AU) Team come out victorious!
Their final match to secure the championship was against Elemental Esports. Through a great set of games, we saw a lot of jaw-dropping performances on both sides.

What can we expect from this win?

"The goal is to utilize this win to prepare for getting into LPL Pro League. I know the team has it in them and there's no doubt they deserve a spot in it."

Pro League is certainly the goal, as it'll give the team a bigger platform to display their skills on and a bigger opportunity for training.

Prep Prep Prep

As the potential opportunity to move on to LPL Pro League creeps up, the roster needs to be grinding the game-play analyzation opportunities, conditioning training, and the rest.

Regardless of the outcome, there's no doubt the roster has some serious skill that we're excited to show.