LPL Pro League!

Sep 22, 2020 / News

What does this mean?

Our roster now has a spot in the upcoming LPL Pro League! This league is an incredible, door opening, opportunity for the team.

How'd they do?

"Last time, we discussed the importance of prep, and it's blatantly evident that they put in the time."

Any of the voids in performances and strats were quickly addressed. In such a short time, the team has shown how adaptive they can be.
This roster is a serious threat and is eager to show what they can do.

What's the game plan?

The best prep any team can do is opponent analyzation. Knowing who you're up against and ensuring you know how they've recently strategized certain maps.
Regardless of what happens, the team has shown that they are ambitious and skilled enough to get to where they want. This is truly only the start for this team.