Prism Picks Up Valorant Team

Sep 22, 2020 / News


Composed of some familiar faces, our new Valorant roster is no stanger to the competitive scene.

Voxize, ScrewFace, Tyler, Drakious, hyun, and Hope.

"We couldn't be happier with the talent we've onboarded. Each of these individuals have the potential to beat the best."

Owner, Tyler 'terrorfraud', was excited to speak regarding the recent roster pick-up. He states that after just a few of their public performances, it's easy to see what the fuss is about.

What are we looking at?

This roster is composed of quite a few talents with renown in the 'tier 1' community. The others may have a bit of catch up to do, with regard to renown, but from what we've seen, they'll be widely known in no time.
If you look at the stats on these talents, you'll see some numbers that would analytically back up the confident praise.

Competition Is Fierce

"While the competion is fierce and we've initially taken some losses, we've performed quite consistently. The team has beat and even stomped some of the most well known teams in the scene, privately and more importantly, publicly."

While new, these talents have proven they're no normal pick-up. We're excited to help catapult them into the public eye.
Keep up to date on our 'Events' page and social media pages to know when the next tournaments are for our Valorant Team.