Warzone Duos Tournament

November 14, 2020
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Call of Duty
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About Warzone Duos Tournament

Grab a partner and hop into an exciting 2v2 Warzone kill-race! You'll find yourself racing to obtain more kills than the enemy team in a public lobby. Not to fret, you'll be in the same lobby, but that means landing positions and final shots count that much more! The ultimate mental battle of don't die, be safe, but be aggressive.


  • Each team will compete to collect the most amount of eliminations in their match. Matches will be in a best of 2 format.
  • Teams using location or other means of creating connectivity issues for the enemy team will be disqualified.
  • Competitors are to be present for their matches. This means showing up on time. If a team or one of its members are more than 5 minutes late, the team will be disqualified and a win will be awarded to the completely present team.


  • If a member of a team is disconnected from the match, 30 seconds after landing, the match can be replayed.
  • If no evidence can be provided, the Tournament Coordinator has authority to grant a ‘win’ to the opposing team. In the case of a member of your team disconnecting, in the circumstances listed above, you have 30 seconds to leave the match. Otherwise, the match must continue.
  • If the game is lagging to the point of an unplayable match, your team must leave within 30 seconds. Sufficient evidence must be provided to the Tournament Coordinator. It is up to the discretion of the Tournament Coordinator to determine if the lag warranted a replay.
  • All evidence for these issues are to be submitted to the ‘Dispute’ section of the Discord with context.


  • We ask that all evidence is submitted in either screenshot and/or video form. All evidence is to be submitted to the ‘Scores’ section of the Discord.
  • When submitting your scoreboard evidence, ensure your video/screenshot is showing all the following information; (gamertags, kills, score, etc)
  • Ensure that your photo/video scoring evidence has some form of time and date within it. Ex: Piece of paper with time and date


  • Step 1: Utilizing the information provided by the Tournament Coordinator(s), send a friend request to the opposing team members. The host will be decided by the Tournament Coordinator.
  • Step 2: Once all players participating in the match are in the lobby and everyone is ready, the lobby host may start the match. Competitors have the option to switch hosts for game one and two.
  • Step 3: Teams will play and attempt to accumulate the most kills possible during their game. The team with the most kills during a game will be awarded the win. For tie-breaking situations, the 2 teams will play a custom gun-fight match with the map and settings being up to the Tournament Coordinator.
  • Step 4: After each game, please designate one person from the match to screenshot the scores showing the names and kills and post it to the ‘Scores’ section in the discord. Title each screenshot with the team names and the game number. (Ex: Team 1 vs Team 2: Game 1)

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